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Next Gen 3D framework
Pandemonium Pyromasaur 3D Framework

Our next gen 3D framework is gradually approaching release. The main features of the framework are OpenGL support, full Win32/*nix portability with XAudio2 and ALSA multithreaded sound engines, multithreaded built-in network client and server, advanced artificial intelligence and superb graphics using pixel shaders.

Pandemonium Pyromasaur 3D Framework

Take a look at the images above. What you're seeing is not a wallpaper or an image that's been loaded, this is a real time screenshot of a 3D environment.

Some more info is available on the news page as well as on the project page.

When 3D Coding becomes rocket science
Pandemonium Rocket Science

One of the more recent types of mob we have available is that of the guided missile, shown here in this wonderful screenshot which was taken by one of our most fervent contributors. This mob is using the AIM-9L artificial intelligence model which implements gravity, sideways friction, forward momentum with limited propellant, and target guidance using overcompensation to deliver genuinely lifelike missile behavior.

The mob also taps into the vapor particle system to create an authentic looking vapor trail which expands and dissipates during its rather long lifecycle.

Although it strayed quite a bit from everyone's areas of interest, developing the artificial intelligence for the AIM-9L missile was a fun and fascinating experience which taught the entire dev team many interesting tidbits of knowledge about how projectiles actually work and how to implement them.

May the Force be fed back to you
Support for Force Feedback devices has been implemented in the Pandemonium 3D Framework.

Force feedback is currently implemented into the Win32 build only, using Microsoft's DirectInput interface. After XAudio2, this is the second implementation of a DirectX technology into the framework. The graphics core itself remains purely OpenGL, which we wish to retain for portability purposes.
The Force Feedback implementation supports all OS-supported devices, with an arbitrary number of axises and buttons which will eventually all be bindable in the configuration interface. The main use for this will obviously be Force Feedback joysticks, mice, steering wheels and gamepads but aside from that, there is perfect viability for implementations into other electronics such as arcades, hydraulic simulator setups, robotics technology or medical science equipment.

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Pyromasaur Video Playing Feature

Pyromasaur features high quality Video Playing functionality for displaying intro sequences and cutscenes. Video can be played from any resolution and stretched to fullscreen if desired. For these functionalities, Pyromasaur is not dependent on any platform specific interfaces. It will run its cutscenes smoothly whether it is running on windows, unix, or console.

The application in the screenshot is playing the Big Buck Bunny video from the Peach open movie project, (c) copyright Blender Foundation | The source video has a resolution of 854x480 and is being scaled to fit a 1012x677 window; it has an average data rate of 16Mb per full minute of video (including the audio stream) which is extremely nice!

More information on 3D framework released today
Pandemonium Pyromasaur 3D Framework Structural Overview

We have lifted the veil somewhat today surrounding the 3D framework we currently have had in development for quite some time already. Some time in the future we also plan to open up the forum a little so people can discuss matters more freely in an easily accessible environment.

Pandemonium Pyromasaur 3D Framework Renault Megane Mégane coupe coupé 3DS spline Model

Pandemonium Pyromasaur 3D Framework Cizeta Moroder V16T 3DS Model

It is important to note, however, that our framework remains a commercial product and that Pandemonium, as intellectual proprietor, preserves the right to impose limitations on these discussions at any given time and as we see fit. We encourage inside and outside developers to take part in discussions at reasonable discretion.

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