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A new world

Bring your applications into the world of instant messaging. The Pandemonium SMS Gateway unleashes the power of mobile messaging for your business.

Get informed instantly of new appointments, new mail, upcoming meetings and corporate events.

Set up off-site monitoring or use SMTP to enable SMS communication on your company websites and receive digests about visits, downtime, security breaches, backups or anything else you may wish.

Configure the gateway to alert your staff instantly, any time of the day, to quickly handle critical issues such as crashes or attacks, BEFORE your users pick up the phone. Notice issues and deal with them BEFORE anyone wakes up to them.

The sms gateway is equipped with automatic escalation logic. It will relentlessly alert anyone on its recipient lists and drag these people out of their meetings, cocktail parties, and indeed beds until someone responds to its messages. The system has been tried and tested for years, and DELIVERS.

You will minimise downtime. You will eliminate embarrassing reprocussions. You will annihilate your competition with top-of-the-line service and it will take you LESS effort.


We design and develop environmentally responsible products, constructed with care for your environment and that of others. Extreme care is taken to assure the lowest power consumption, lowest noise levels and the longest device lifetimes.

We care, because you care.

Knowledge Base

All of our customers gain access to an extensive knowledge base where they will find I.T. information, problem descriptions, solutions, procedures and informative articles related to our products.

It is intended to facilitate maintenance of the software and appliances we support and to provide a means of communication, so obviously visitors are free to contribute information of their own.

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Corporate SMS Gateway Server Appliances

Pandemonium sms gateway appliance front

Pandemonium sms gateway appliance rear

Pandemonium's SMS Gateway provides the best value for money of all competitive products on the market today. It is so advanced and yet flexible, it can be used for anything ranging from simple sms messaging between computers and cellphones, to global sms routing&delivery networks.

The SMS server is designed for enterprise scale SMS communication. It provides an instant control center for dispatching messages to single contacts or recipient lists.

The dedicated Pandemonium SMS Gateway appliance is built for easy installation. We deliver rack-mountable compact 1U devices built on a very sleek 17" deep chassis with extremely low power consumption, hardly any heat buildup and an exemplary low noise level. The appliance also comes in several other form factors such as desktop and microtower configurations.

Go to the Pricing page for basic product pricing and/or do not be afraid to Contact Us for more information such as dealer/distributor rates or special pricing.

Powerful intuitive and easy to use interface

All our software is designed with ease-of-use and straightforwardness in mind. Being software that requires extremely little post-install maintenance, an easy and intuitive interface is a must. After all, most businesses will rarely need to access the server software for configuration or administrative purposes and we do not wish to frustrate our customers with nightmare interfaces.

Clear and sleek statistics are just a click away, it is no effort at all to obtain an overview of inbound and outbound messaging activity.

The interface is fast, organised, self-explanatory and very configurable, tweakable and adjustable to your personal flavor. Pandemonium's webinterface features a window manager the likes of which you have most likely never before seen in a web application. The interface's layout can be adjusted in realtime using the mouse by simply clicking and dragging and window positions are retained throughout your entire browser session.



SMS Gateway Features


  • Low initial purchase cost
  • No upgrading required
  • Low maintenance
  • No downtime
  • We deliver FREE active autosupport
  • Runs economically. Hardly any resources needed!
  • Run in Virtual Machine to eliminate the need for a physical appliance.


High flexibility
  • Server core does all the work, platform can be customised easily
  • Scales extremely well.
  • Extend the platform and eliminate your existing servers.
  • Cross-platform availability.

Low learning curve
  • No cellular tech knowledge required
  • Preconfigured setups to choose from
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Turnkey appliances, ready to go


High security
  • Runs in SSL mode out of the box
  • Multiple security levels
  • Custom certificates
  • Configured to work only with your cellular devices
  • Depend on our infrastructure to notify you when things go awry


High availability 
  • Clustered configuration
  • Active/Active failover
  • Can use multiple cellular devices in parallell, using multiple cellular networks


State of the art interfaces
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
  • Serial
  • Foreign Exchange Office
  • SIP
  • SMTP
  • And much more


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